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Every year, the world uses over 500 billion single use cups! *

Sign up to the Again Again app and help us Make Waste History
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Join the returnable cup revolution!

Waste Wizards has teamed up with AgainAgain to supply returnable cups to cafes and restaurants near you.

Read to help us make a difference?

Download the AgainAgain App to find out how!

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It's as easy as one, two, three

Download againagain and create an account

Head into any participating cafe and grab your favourite drink.

Borrow a returnable cup for free.

(You'll need to enter your email and card details into the app, but you'll only be charged if the containers are returned late or lost).

How it works

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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Takeaway without the throwaway!

Again Again is a technology platform that enables companies to loan, track and assure returnable packaging that is relevant to a organisation’s goods, customers and brand promise.

Find a cafe near you

Join us and let's Make Waste History

Making an impactful difference can be as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee.

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